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Just as fine dinnerware adds to the presentation of a home-cooked meal, a rustic wooden picture frame can make a vintage family photo or a snapshot of a colorful autumn landscape come to life.

In establishing Rustic Frames by Cherise, my husband, Adam, and I wanted to give people a design alternative over the mass-produced frames offered at big box retailers. Our frames are all one-of-a-kind originals -- no two are alike!


The wood we use to craft our unique frames had a previous life as flooring, door and window casing, baseboard and barn siding. We obtain the reclaimed wood from local construction salvage businesses and woodworkers who get materials from area homes, schools and businesses during restoration projects. In some cases we know the wood's history, so we add a small tag to explain where it came from. 


Adam rips, rabbets and chops the wood, and I join and decorate the frames using a variety of metal appliques or natural decorations. If need be, I’ll distress the wood more to make it look even more rustic. So the idea is, the more beat up it looks, the better!


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